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McDowell County, WV has THE best ATVing in the eastern USA!   There are 100s of miles of FREE trail throughout our county, as well as the famed "Hatfield-McCoy Trail System", and it's LEGAL to ride ATVs on our roads, so you can ride your ATV from the Elkhorn Inn right to the trails! We have plenty of free parking next to the Inn, and a power washer guests can use, as well. We also store and maintain ATVs for our guests, so they can just jump on their quads and ride the minute the get to the Inn!

Fun places to ride to include up to "Miracle Mountain Wilderness Park", which has a 1940s log cabin, an amazing view, picnic tables, and a koi pond (and the koi love Cheerios!), and up to Burke Mountain. You can even ride your ATV to the Black Wolf Golf Course! There are great picnic spots, as well as hamburger and BBQ stands along the way, too! And you can pick delicious wild ramps in the spring,  wild backberries all July, and "leaf-peep" all fall through Halloween!

The nearest Hatfield McCoy Trailheads to the Elkhorn Inn are the "Indian Ridge" trailhead at Ashland; the "Pocahontas" trailhead at Bramwell, and the "Pinnacle Creek" trailhead at Pineville. For more information on the Hatfield-McCoy Trails, and their rules and regulations, see 

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Dan & Elkhorn Inn guest, Nick Nelson, presenting the ATV Rescue Trailer to the Northfork Volunteer Fire Dept.


ATV guests at the Elkhorn Inn

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ATV guests at the Elkhorn Inn - Thanksgiving

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Wild Blackberries! McDowell County, WV - July

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Hatfield-McCoy "Indian Ridge" Trail, McDowell County, WV - January

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McDowell County, WV

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McDowell County, WV

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McDowell County, WV

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McDowell County, WV

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McDowell County, WV

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McDowell County, WV

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McDowell County, WV

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McDowell County, WV

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The Ashland Company Store, Ashland, WV

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Koi Pond, near "Miracle Mountain Wilderness Park", McDowell County, WV

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McDowell County, WV

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McDowell County, WV

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Hatfield-McCoy "Indian Ridge" Trail, McDowell County, WV

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1940s Log Cabin at "Miracle Mountain Wilderness Park", McDowell County

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ATVing to the Black Wolf Golf Course!