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Elisse Jo Goldstein-Clark is an Official Coast Guard Artist with 35 documentary watercolor paintings in the national art collection of the USCG. A former military illustrator in the IDF, as a member of CoGAP, the Coast Guard Artists Program, she has illustrated the USCG in action in the air, on land and at sea, from Alaska to Maine, and from the waterways of New York to Puerto Rico. To commission Ms. Goldstein-Clark, write her at elisse(at)

All artwork on this page copyright Elisse Jo Goldstein 2015.Nothing on this page or anywhere on this website may be reproduced without permission in writing from Elisse Jo Goldstein-Clark. E-mail or call 1-800-708-2040.

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This painting was displayed the office of West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd.

Winner of the George Gray Medal: USCGC Penobscot Bay - Fisheries Law Enforcement off New York. This painting was displayed in the offices of USCG Commandant Adm. Kramek, and is now on display in the office of West Virginia's Senator, Robert Byrd, at the U.S. Senate.

USCG Station Kodiak: Sitkinak, Alaska - Refueling

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Senator John McCain presenting the Purple Heart to a
Wake Island WWII veteranat the ROA Convention. Painting commisioned by Reserve Officers Association.

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USCG and FEMA: Hurricane Floyd, NJ Oil Spill - CoGAP 2000

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USCG Station Kodiak - impounded Russian fishing Vessel

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Above and 3 below: USCGC Sturgeon Bay: Ice Breaking on the Hudson River, CoGAP 2001

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USCG Station Kodiak - Communications

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USCG Station Kodiak - Fisheries School

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Attu Island Memorial, Alaska

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USCG Station Kodiak - USCGC Storis