• Foodie Foraging Fun!
  • Foodie Foraging Fun!
  • Foodie Foraging Fun!

Foodie Foraging Fun!

The Elkhorn Inn offers 3 "Foodie Foraging Excursions", weather permitting, with the opportunity also enjoy a Chef Dan Dinner at the Inn!

Ramp Hunting in the spring (April): We guide guests on their ATVs (or other 4WD vehicle) to the area we call "ramp mountain" where ramps grow wild! They can then climb the mountain side and pick ramps, and, if possible, join Chef Dan back at the Inn making ramp pesto or pickled ramps. In order to go on a "ramp hunt" guests do need to have their own ATV or other 4WD vehicle, and helmets! We can supply a pick, and big sack! Guests of the Inn can also opt to enjoy a classic West Virginia Ramp Breakfast (eggs, bacon or sausage, sauteed ramps, and potatoes, or Chef Dan's "Green Eggs & Ham" made with ramp pesto for breakfast, or Pasta with Ramp Pesto for dinner, as long as the ramps and ramp pesto last!

Wild Blackberry Picking in the summer (July):
Guests can pick wild blackberries (with us on their ATVs), or from their car, or while in hiking in the area on their own- we will tell them of areas where there are blackberries). Guests can then, if possible, join Chef Dan in making blackberry cordial, blackberry sauce, or blackberry-pepper salsa (from our own garden peppers, if possible), or making a Smoothie, or eating their berries with ice cream!

Pesto Party in the late summer/early fall:
Guests can pick basil and other herbs from our garden, and, if posible, make pesto with Chef Dan, and then enjoy a Pasta Pesto Dinner at the Inn!

Accompanied "Foodie Foraging Excursions" (berry or ramp picking), and cooking workshops  are $50.00 + tax per person. Guests must have their own ATV or other 4WD vehicle, and helmets in order to go on a "ramp hunt". Berry picking can be done on an ATV, if you have your own, or in your car, or while hiking in the area. Basil and other herbs grow in our garden next to the Inn! Guest room rates are $99.00 and $130.00/night + tax (single or double occupancy), and include Continental Breakfast. Dinners at the Inn are available from $55.00/per person + tax and 15% gratuity; a full, hot breakfast is an additional $15.00 per person + tax. Call us at 1-800-708-2040 or 304-862-2031 to book now!